How a Student Taught Me a Powerful Lesson About Judgement

Children are the most powerful teachers. But, in a world filled with judgement and criticism, important life lessons are often overlooked. I admire parents who bravely navigate the challenging world of raising a child with special needs. Children with Autism, in particular, bring a unique set of  joys and trials. A friend of mine, Patti Digh, occasionally shares glimpses into her world as a parent of a child with Asperger's Syndrome.  She wrote about a particularly challenging day and labeled Click here to read more!

The Secret to Raising Children With High Self-Esteem

Kids really are the best teachers. A year ago, my then 17-year-old daughter, taught me an important lesson in a short conversation. It went something like this. “Mom, I got a 97 on my engineering test, the best grade in the class.” To which I replied, “That’s awesome! It must be that great math brain of yours.” “No mom, I just didn’t give up. Most of the other kids just quit.” I –-after feeling a little humbled, stated, “Oh, well, great job persevering then.” It Click here to read more!

Why Parents Must Practice Letting Go

The art of parenting is all about letting go. In the end, we have far less control than we thought prior to becoming a parent. Sure, parents love, guide, encourage, teach, model, and continuously serve in a host of crucial roles. At the core, though, it's all about preparing children to become independent citizens in the world. As a parent and teacher, I spent years negotiating the art of preparing children to leave me. As an adult of influence, it is my job to strengthen children's Click here to read more!

How Empathy Can Cure the Crisis of Bullying

Bullying is a complex social issue that plagues society. Shootings, suicides, violence, and emotional turmoil are often consequences of bullying. It’s hard to get through a day in the media without hearing a story about bullying. According to Wikipedia, “Bullying is the use of force or coercion to abuse or intimidate others.” In addition, many other definitions, like, also include descriptors “repetitive” and “ongoing”. Bullying is a social and psychological challenge Click here to read more!

What is a Learning Disability?

Imagine writing an entire essay with your opposite hand. Now imagine that this essay is a timed assessment that’s worth twenty percent of your grade. How would that feel? Would you be frustrated? Writing with your opposite hand is a simple illustration of a complex challenge. Although not identical, this exercise simulates what some people with learning disabilities (LDs) feel when trying to perform an academic task. They are capable, but struggle with producing what they know. In the United Click here to read more!