5 Ways Parents Can Help Kids Love Reading

You’ve heard it before; reading is fundamental to education. But there’s more to the story. Studies show avid readers are not only academically successful; they also enjoy an active social life, and become more informed, productive citizens. "Reading develops a capacity for focused attention and imaginative growth that enriches both private and public life. The decline in reading among every segment of the adult population reflects a general collapse in advanced literacy. To lose this human Click here to read more!

5 Things Parents Should Know About Teaching Reading

Schools are caught between testing mandates and joyful teaching.  In many schools, there is no middle ground. Deep reflective reading instruction has been shoved aside and replaced with quickly paced, skills-based programs. The priorities of a testing culture conflict with the best practices of teaching reading. Children must learn to think, reflect, analyze, and more importantly, enjoy reading. As a society, we should be concerned with decreasing literacy levels. According to a study by Click here to read more!

Why Book Reports and Reading Logs Should be Outlawed

I confess.  As an elementary school teacher for 14 years, I occasionally sent home book reports and reading logs as homework.  I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to all my previous students for not respecting their time.  But I, like so many teachers, didn’t know a better way to enforce reading. I have yet to find a child that enjoys completing the traditional book report.  My guess is that parents like them even less.   And when it comes to signing those pesky Click here to read more!